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Dierks+Company initiated the EHDS Coalition and, supported by strong partners, is working to strengthen private sector research in access to health data and to push for rapid implementation of the EHDS.


In the European Union, billions of data sets exist that have been collected in the context of medical care or for other purposes, but are currently largely unused.

The EHDS addresses this challenge by increasing the interoperability of national health systems, thereby enabling patients to access and manage their health data across the EU. At the same time, it opens up the possibility of using the existing data for research purposes via data access bodies.

However, there is a threat of restrictions in the current EU legislative process and the national implementation that may jeopardise the goals that have been set.

Public-sector research projects could be prioritised to the detriment of private-sector research.
The data access point may be equipped inadequately, in terms of technology, finances and staff.
Germany would not be able to participate fully in the EHDS due to its data protection regulations and therefore lose importance, from a research perspective.


The EHDS Coalition

With the EHDS Coalition Dierks+Company is committed to the successful implementation of the EHDS and non-discriminatory access for private and public research projects, supported by representatives of research-strong enterprises, data-processing companies, associations and patient organizations.

Creation of a broad and qualified data basis
Establishment of functional, trustworthy data access
Involvement of health care companies as valuable data holders
Equal participation of the companies as data users
Realisation of a fair fee schedule
Connection of small medical practices as voluntary data holders
Use of data for educational purposes
Raising public information and awareness
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We are looking for further supporters who would like to actively shape the EHDS in Germany. Under the leadership of Dierks+Company, in the first phase, the EHDS coalition has developed a position paper and a communication strategy. The position paper is available for download below.

In a second phase, the strategy will now be implemented - with various measures, Dierks+Company will activate political decision-makers and bring the positions of the EHDS Coalition into the debate. You want to support the second phase? Become part of the EHDS Coalition now.

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Implementation plan
Position Paper
Communication strategy

Why D+C

With our comprehensive expertise in relevant legal frameworks and industry standards, we enable our clients to actively shape political debates and opinion-forming processes.

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If you are also interested in becoming involved in the EHDS Coalition, we would be happy to talk with you.

To become a project participant, simply fill out the adjacent form. In the next step, we will send you a preliminary draft contract by e-mail.

Christoph Ströhmer
Director Public Affairs
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