Dierks+Company Strengthens Medical Law with Legal Counsel from the Joint Federal Committee

11. Jun. 2024

Press release

Andreas Propp
Andreas Propp

Berlin, June 11, 2024

Dierks+Company, a leading strategy and legal consultancy for healthcare and life sciences, continues to grow with the addition of Andreas Propp (48), a proven expert in medical law and health insurance law. The long-standing legal counsel of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) will join the Dierks+Company team in Berlin as a partner on 1 July 2024.

Andreas Propp worked for over 14 years as a legal advisor in the legal department of the Federal Joint Committee and is considered a specialist in health technology assessment (HTA) issues. In this context, he has provided comprehensive advice to manufacturers of medical devices and service providers, including in relation to EU HTA. In addition, his work has included the assessment of prescribed services including new remedies and aids as well as new procedures, methods and cross-sector and cross-professional care concepts in psychotherapy.

During his time as G-BA Legal Counsel, Andreas Propp further developed the assessment procedures for medical devices and medical methods and was instrumental in establishing and implementing the corresponding advisory services offered by the G-BA. He was closely involved in many legislative initiatives in the healthcare sector relating to the testing of new methods and the testing of highly invasive medical devices, which are of great importance to the industry and service providers. He already specialised in social law, health insurance law and medical law during his studies and later as a research assistant to Professor Volker Neumann at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Prior to this, he was co-owner and co-founder of a company specialising in the development of software and hardware for companies.

"Andreas Propp brings precisely the intimate knowledge that is required to safely navigate the German healthcare system. With his broad range of experience as a medical lawyer and IT entrepreneur, he is an excellent fit for us and will enrich our innovative legal advice enormously, particularly in the area of digitalisation and telemedicine," explains Managing Partner Christian Dierks. "Andreas Propp brings extensive knowledge of EU HTA and the assessment of innovative treatment concepts to the advice we provide to our clients."

"Dierks+Company is actively shaping the transformation of the healthcare sector. This is where I would like to contribute my wealth of experience. The innovative consulting approach offers me the opportunity to show healthcare players solutions and support them in sustainably improving the treatment and medical care of patients with their developments," emphasises Andreas Propp.

Dierks+Company pursues the goals of navigating innovative products in healthcare and life sciences onto the market, strengthening Germany as a centre of research and accelerating the transformation of the healthcare system. The focus is on the benefit assessment of medicinal products (AMNOG procedure) and medical devices, the evaluation of healthcare technologies (HTA), issues relating to the reimbursability of innovative products and services, the design of new business models and platforms and digitalisation in the healthcare sector.

Andreas Propp is the fourth significant addition to Dierks+Company this year. Shortly before the end of the year, Dr Dominik Roters, then head of the legal department and deputy managing director of the G-BA, joined Dierks+Company as equity and managing partner. Dr. Stefan Lange, previously Deputy Director of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare (IQWiG) with proven expertise in the scientific evaluation of medical interventions, joined Dierks+Company as Chief Scientific and Medical Officer. Most recently, Anja Tiedemann, an experienced specialist in medical and pharmaceutical law, moved from the G-BA to Dierks+Company.


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