Christian Dierks in the Digital Health Today podcast - The Mind(s) Behind Germany’s Digital Health Care Act

14. Apr. 2021

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Dierks has been invited to be part of the Digital Health Today Podcast. On the episode “The Mind(s) Behind Germany’s Digital Health Care Act” of the Digital Therapeutics Edition, the host Eugene Borukhovich and Christian Dierks give insights on:

  • the digital health regulatory framework in Germany and the digital health applications (DiGA) landscape
  • the benefits on the German system with full reimbursement of digital health applications in the statutory health insurance system
  • an outlook on the framework of the upcoming digital care applications (DiPA)

Listen to the podcast and learn more on how Christian Dierks helped devise some of Germany’s digital health regulatory frameworks.

Digital Health Today features leaders, organizations and resources from around the world to accelerate innovation and implementation of health technology. In their podcast series they aim to share knowledge, stories and insights from the most inspiring and passionate experts in the rapidly developing field of digital health.

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Digital Health Today Podcast cover - Christian Dierks