Digital health applications in pharmacy - from development to successful reimbursement

Videos from the online workshop on digital health applications organized by the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry e.V. (Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V.) – presented by Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Dierks

„BPI Digital ganz praktisch“ is a two-part webinar on digital health applications (DiGA) in pharmaceutical industry. Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Dierks was invited to this webinar where he shared his expertise on the objectives of the legislator and the opportunities for companies to create an app for digital health application as well as talked about the practical implementation of the application procedure.

The videos in German language from the webinar can be seen below:


Die Zielsetzung des Gesetzgebers und die Chancen für die Unternehmen


Wie wir eine App zur digitalen Gesundheitsanwendung?


Praktische Durchführung des Antragsverfahrens

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