Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

9. Mar. 2020

Localization systems, emergency call or fall detection systems, but also shutdown systems for household appliances or digital aids to remind people to take food and drink are Ambient Assisted Living technologies. Ambient Assisted Living technologies, in short AAL, have a nursing benefit by enabling people in need of care to lead independent lives and at the same time relieving the burden on nursing staff.

The expert report shows how the legal regulations in the German Social Security Code (SGB V and XI) can be adapted to integrate digital assistance systems as care aids into standard care.

During the last few weeks, the report got very popular in online media (and also in offline media).

Here are some of them:

The report was prepared by Christian DierksSebastian Retter, and Julia Pirk, on behalf of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations.

It is available to read and download here (German).