About D+C

Legal + strategy consultancy for healthcare and life sciences

Dierks+Company was founded in 2018 by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. iur. Christian Dierks and Juliana Dierks.

Christian is one of the leading lawyers for medical law in Germany and Europe. He's a trained physician, an expert in regulatory issues, reimbursement, digital health and a professor for health services research at Charité Berlin.

Juliana has extensive experience in various top management positions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. She's an expert in organizational transformation, experience design, and commercial excellence.

Our company now employs more than 20 staff members in Berlin, Germany.

Who we are

We are here to make a real difference. This is our vision – and not just a slogan. We were very successful in large law firms and corporations. In 2016, we sat down and asked ourselves: what do we really want? The answer quickly became clear: we want to change lives for the better.

Of course, we can't do it alone. We are looking for strong companions who want to do the same. People driven by motifs similar to ours.

For our employees, this means: we do not see ourselves as a "law firm" but as a company. Those who work for us are not only lawyers, but also consultants. For complex challenges in the healthcare sector, we provide recommendations for action and support their implementation.

We work in an interdisciplinary way. We are lawyers, strategy consultants, health economists, communication experts and project managers. For each assignment we form a project team, whose members work together closely.

We have already found 20 of these special people – the current team of D+C – and continue to grow.

If someone asks us in ten years, what we are proud of,
then we hope we’ll be able to say:

We made life better !