Tilman Goldstein

Research assistant

About Tilman

Tilman is a research assistant at Dierks+Company.

He holds a law degree from the Humboldt University in Berlin and is currently preparing for his legal clerkship. During his studies, Tilman interned at the German subsidiary of Sanofi, where he gained valuable insights into the pharmaceutical industry and developed a keen understanding of the regulatory challenges faced by global healthcare companies.

Prior to joining Dierks+Company, Tilman worked at the German federal parliament as an assistant to a Member of Parliament. In this role, he contributed to legislative processes and gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of policy and law.

Tilman's goal is to help accelerate the transformation of the healthcare system, ensuring that it is legally robust and adaptable to advances in medical technology and practice.

In his spare time, Tilman volunteers as a paramedic with the German Red Cross, where he applies his medical knowledge and passion for helping others in real-life emergency situations. His dedication to both the legal and medical fields underscores his commitment to making a meaningful impact on the healthcare sector.