Stella Raab

Media+Design Consultant, Marketing Associate

About Stella

Stella is a Media+Design Consultant | Marketing Associate at Dierks+Company.

Stella completed a graphic design education at Lette Verein Berlin, a renowned educational organization for applied arts, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design (HTW Berlin, 2014).

After internships at different ad & branding agencies in Berlin, Bordeaux and the San Francisco Bay Area, she started working as a screen- and later as a product designer for an opinion-tech startup. 

She then discovered her passion for UI/UX topics, which she deepened during two years at Brandung, a digital agency in Berlin, where she designed websites for lifestyle- and fitness-brands, as well as clients from the care area (rehab materials and hospitals). 

She went on to join a fullstack web development bootcamp, at Le Wagon – and somehow got stuck on campus. Since April 2022, Stella has first taken the role of a teaching assistant, and eventually focused on covering the frontend and product related lectures, as a teacher.

With her passion for helping others grow, she lately also started teaching kids on how to build their own first website, at Tech4Girls.

Ask Stella about

  • User interface and product design
  • User experience and concept
  • Graphic design
  • Frontend development (React.js, Next.js)