Max Grützmacher

Working student

About Max

Max is a working student at Dierks+Company.

He brings an array of academic and professional experiences to our team, shaped by international perspectives and a passion for learning. Educated at St. Lawrence College in Great Britain and an international school (ISHR) in Germany, Max cultivated a global mindset and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. His employment as a working student at BioNTech SE afforded him a comprehensive understanding of the biotech sector, instilling practical skills and insights that continue to inform his approach to complex challenges. Subsequently, he was a working student at BREGAL Unternehmerkapital and gained valuable insights into corporate law.

Currently pursuing a degree in law at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Max epitomizes a dedication to academic excellence and personal growth, continually seeking to expand his intellectual horizons and to refine his understanding of legal intricacies. With a discerning eye for detail and a penchant for thoughtful analysis, Max approaches each task with precision and diligence, embodying a commitment to success in all endeavors.