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Results of cryptorchism therapy. A study of 232 patients

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232 patients had been treated for cryptorchidism. The disorder was unilateral in 126, bilateral in 106 patients. Therapy was performed either with human chorionic gonadotropin in 102 cases (hCG total dose of 18.000 I.U.) or surgery in 129 cases. Testicular descent was achieved in 51.5% by hormonal therapy and in 51.9% by surgery. Unilateral cases were subject to successful treatment in 53.2%, bilateral cases in 50%. The influence of initial finding (inguinal vs. abdominal retention) and age of the patients on results were analysed. Inguinal retention (n = 240) was successfully treated in 50.8%, abdominal retention (n = 94) in 54.3%. Testicular descent after therapy was found in 52.9% for patients 2-9 years of age (n = 119), in 50% for patients 10-13 yrs. of age (n = 88) and in 48% for patients older than 13 (n = 25). Regular findings after therapy was noted in 51.7% of all 232 patients. Method of therapy, initial finding and patients age, however, could not be shown to influence results significantly.