BREXIT – Overcome regulatory burdens, create solutions, and focus on patient care

20. May. 2019

At the beginning of April, over 120 delegates from the pharma supply chain gathered for the 10th Pharmaceutical Industry Network Group (PING) Conference, held for the second successive year on Brexit and in conjunction with Ethical Medicines Industry Group (EMIG).

Highlights from the conference included likely regulatory impact on medicine trading, supply chain concerns, EU database access, management of tax implications, importance of Tier 2 sponsorship and secured, continuation of businesses.

As the conference unfolded, various pharma areas were addressed, with input from leading pharma experts. One of them was experienced Germany-based Professor Dr. med. Dr. iur. Christian Dierks of Dierks+Company who provided an EU perspective, explaining how the German pharma industry saw Brexit. “The German view is that Brexit does not benefit patients, companies, etc.” he said. He gave a very warm expression of his and others’ feelings about the UK. It was very clear from his presentation that they wanted to have continued close relations. In an uplifting presentation, Christian Dierks commented, “pharma on both sides of the channel will suffer from Brexit, with or without a deal. We can mitigate these effects with resilience, pragmatism and cooperation…creating solutions that overcome regulatory burdens to focus on patient care.”

Please find more information about the conference here on the online portal EN-CPhi.CN.